Experienced Researcher - INCOMING

 New Incoming fellowship

Accepted research areas should be within the long term research program of FBK and compatible with the activities carried by the Research Centres.

Projects proposed by Researchers to one of the Centres should pursue one or more of the following objectives:

  • Contribute to the growth of knowledge in a specific field of that Centre, or generate new areas of interaction between Centres at FBK;
  • Generate impact on the research system, by attracting interest and funding for scientific projects in cooperation with industry partners;
  • Contribute to the transfer of knowledge from laboratory to industry; 
  • Most importantly, contribute to the career development of Researchers through scientific cooperation, training, mobility, and diversity of experience;

Projects shall have an average length of 24 months (min 1 year, max 3 years). Extended industry stages may run beyond this timeframe and overall cost, should a professional relationship be created between researcher and industry.

Researchers may originate from any country inside or outside Europe, provided however that over the previous 36 months they have worked outside of Italy for at least 24 months.

FBK will be the host institution for all applicants, and will be responsible to provide appropriate infrastructural and administrative support, to ensure fair admission processing and effective project deployment to each Researcher.  However, each Researcher is responsible for the scientific management of her or his project.

Each Researcher will establish a Personal Career Development Plan comprising training requirements (including complementary or non-scientific skills) scientific goals, and any external activity such as obtaining research funding or carrying on industry stages. 


Experienced researchers must, at the time of the relevant deadline for submission of proposals or selection by the host organisation, depending on the action, either be in possession of a doctoral degree, irrespective of the time taken to acquire it, or have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience. [2010 Workprogramme-People, p.7]
Third Countries are countries which are neither EU Member States nor countries associated to FP7 (Associated countries).